Third Meeting- June 20th 2013 at Heronsbridge School, Bridgend.
Evidence Review
Schools showed their video evidence so far of pupils using the Kinect and iPad. The examples were wide and varied- with some superb responses from otherwise hard to reach pupils. Pen Maes in Brecon showed some lovely footage of a pupil using Somantics over a period of three months- they really persevered with the pupil and were rewarded with some lovely interaction and some otherwise unknown vocalisations.
Heronsbridge showed some brilliant footage of Somantics interaction too- including a pupil who tried hard to not make Sparkles and another who used Kaleidoscope as a springboard to a hide and seek game!
Exeter House school showed the Engagement Profile in action to record increased engagement in a pupils' use of the iPad over a 4 month period. Oak Grove College showed their new sensory room set up- with Visikord and Somantics working off the same PC and creating wonderful interactive sensory room for very little money.
Trinity Fields also showed work in progress with two hard to reach pupils with ASD who are responding well to Somantics sessions. All good work which will go towards our final evidence in 2014.
MUSE Project
Barri Farrimond from the MUSE Project showcased their long awaited music technology applications for PC, iPad and yes, the Kinect. Link to Muse Project here. The PC Looper Dooper program is out in Beta so email download it! Check out Muse on twitter too and their Vimeo videos. The Kinect program was demonstrated and looks very promising too.
The MUSE project have the same aims as the PLC- to increase independence and engagement with SLD pupils' music making- the video examples were superb. This link will take you to their document on engagement with technology in music.
muse 1.jpg
muse 1.jpg

Design Brief
We didn't get the time to do any paper prototyping today but we looked at a variety of Kinect videos and thought about the different types of interaction possible. Some good ideas were floated- from a Sparkles version that makes twinkly sounds as well as visuals to programs that rewarded stillness for certain pupils, musical programs that played a variety of sound clips in different positions and we really liked the physical depth interaction shown in Firewall.